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I'm a managing editor at D Custom, a content marketing agency born under the umbrella of D Magazine. I direct the editorial production of B2C and B2B content to tell my clients' stories and help connect them with their audiences.

I work closely with a team of freelance writers to create copy for blogs, websites, magazines, social media, paid ads, newsletters, white papers, infographics, and more. Take a look at a few case studies below.

Avocados From Mexico

Ask me in college what I'd be on expert on in three years, and avocados wouldn't have crossed my mind. Now I can rattle off 94 avocado puns on command and have an avocado emoji keystroke. 🥑

That's because my primary client is Avocados From Mexico, a nonprofit organization that leads the marketing efforts of the booming Mexican avocado industry. Their goals include raising awareness of the nutritional benefits of avocados, educating consumers on how to select, store, and prepare them, and spreading the good news that eating avocados is always worth it.

The AFM Blog

Since 2019, I have managed the editorial production of more than 100 blogs on guacamole, entertainment, fusion cuisine, and really anything else you can think of. (Seriously. We've done it all.)

My comprehensive editorial calendar outlines original topics, briefs writers, and ensures each blog is completed on time. When published, I write, edit, and proof copy for organic and paid promotion on AFM's Facebook and Twitter.

The blog's end-goal is to deliver educational tips, nutritional information, and inspiration to our audience through one simple thing: great content. And with an average time on page of 1 minute and 31 seconds, it seems our audience is biting.

Without further avo, I invite you to check out the full blog here or peruse some of my favorites below.

How to Make Pickle Guacamole

To anyone who is reading the title of this blog and thinking “JAX, how dare you?” all I can say is: Hear me out. The salty, vinegary juice in a pickle jar is called “brine,” and it has an incomparable, sour flavor. As a matter of fact, pickle brine isn’t far off from lemon or lime juice, the acidic juices traditionally used in guacamole. And, as you all know, I have an undying love for trying new things with guacamole. If you’re a guacamole enthusiast like me, you’ll be interested to know that

You & Me & Avocado Makes Three

You & Me & Avocado Makes Three: Recipes for Date Night There’s no better way to show your special someone how much you care than with a romantic, homemade dinner. To make it a truly special night, and one you and your date will never forget, invite everyone’s favorite nutritious third wheel: Avocados From Mexico. Whether you’re celebrating an important anniversary or just looking for an excuse for a weeknight date, adding avocado to the menu is a guaranteed way to add some thrill to your roman

Guacamole Appetizers 101

Guacamole is the king of appetizers. That creamy green dip just has no competition when it comes to whetting appetites. But chips and guac isn’t the end of the story — when it comes to guacamole appetizers, versatility knows no bounds. From bruschetta to shrimp cocktails, guacamole puts a creamy green spin on your favorite apps. Plus, you’ll earn mad creativity points. Here’s our guide to dishing up a wide array of guacamole appetizers. Related: Another appetizer favorite is our original reci

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