I have worked both in-house and freelance for creative content marketing agencies as a copywriter and copyeditor. I have written copy for social media, e-newsletters, landing pages, and more.


From 2020 to 2022, I curated and wrote the AvoSauce, my client's monthly email newsletter with over 1 million subscribers. Here are a few of my favorite editions.

Lifestyle Writing

A few writing samples that have been published in Texas Heritage for Living magazine and lifestyle blogs.

Our Choice for World’s Best Chicken Avocado Sandwich | AvoEatery at Trinity Groves

Our Choice for World’s Best Chicken Avocado Sandwich The chefs at the AvoEatery at Trinity Groves in Dallas are channeling the traditional summer cookout energy through a newly famous menu-item: a chicken avocado sandwich. And it’s no wonder why this spicy creation is taking Texas by the horns. The AvoEatery at Trinity Groves, a groovy restaurant marketplace in West Dallas, offers a vast selection of lunch and dinner items you can’t find anywhere else. There is an...

Experience a Victorian Texas Christmas at Dickens on the Strand

The coastal city of Galveston has been a bustling harbor for immigrants, merchants, and even pirates since 1839 — but for the past 45 years, it’s been bustling for a different, more peculiar reason. Along the shoreline is a five-block district called The Strand. It’s furnished with authentic Victorian-era architecture, vibrant window shops bursting with character, and square-rigged sea vessels that have towered over its docks sinc...

Bicycle Safety Essentials for Texas Roads

Bicycling is perhaps one of the most popular forms of outdoor exercise in the nation, and it’s not difficult to see why. Nothing beats riding the great Texas trails. But while we may never forget how to ride a bike, it’s definitely possible to forget simple bicycle safety rules. Oftentimes it’s easy to forget that bicycling comes with hazards as well as benefits. Nationwide, bicycle-related deaths have increased 10% in the last year, and two of the most dangerous cities for cyclists in 2017 wer...

The 5 Most Haunted Places in Texas

With its sprawling Hill Country, bluebonnet-lined streams, and vibrant skylines, our beloved Texas boasts some of the most beautiful sights to see in the nation. Amid the countless beauties, however, lies an intricate history decorated with scandals, feuds, wars, and mysteries. For those involved, many of these Texan tragedies have yet to be settled — and their spirits will not rest until they are … This Halloween, explore our guide to five haunted places in ...

Content Marketing

Content marketing blogs I have written or co-authored while at D Custom.

How Social Media Copywriting Should Vary Across Channels

In 1994, Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne attended a black-tie gala in garish orange and blue tuxedos, dueling each other with plastic canes. It wasn’t rebellious — they just didn’t understand the dress code or event etiquette. You can think about social media copywriting in the same way. Your message needs to align with the “dress code” for each individual channel — and one size does not fit all. Pro tip: Neon tuxedos work much better on Facebook than they do on LinkedIn. Here’s our social med...

Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block in Content Marketing

Legends say there is a great fire-breathing dragon who has amassed countless riches and hoards its wealth in a tower. It is the valiant knight’s quest to vanquish the serpent and claim the treasure for his kingdom. For creatives, that dragon’s name is Writer’s Block, and the treasure it guards is Great Content. For content marketers, the writer’s block dragon is a slightly different breed. It keeps us from knowing what content to create by suppressing fresh, informative, and audience-relevant t...

Unreadable Content: Why No One Is Reading Your Content

People don’t digest online content the way they read paperback novels on the beach. They absorb it the way they read billboards while doing 75 down the interstate — they can only spare a few seconds to decide if what they’re reading is worth pulling over for. Most of the time, it’s not. In other words, there is just too much content and not enough time to read it all. People are forced to be very selective about which of the 5,000 marketing messages per day they engage with and which ones they ...

Website Copy

Here are a few examples of landing pages I have written copy for.

Avocado Nutrition Hub

OK, so we can’t fly or travel interdimensionally. But Avocados From Mexico do contribute good fats and nearly 20 vitamins and minerals to your diet (and taste great while doing it). If that’s not super, we don’t know what is. Gluten free? Kosher? Vegan? Something else? Here's how (and why) to keep avocados on the menu. Avocados are cholesterol-free. Find out what that means for your diet here. Remember when we said we were always good? That goes for nutrition, too. Check out all the good news

Avocado Education Hub

Have you ever seen so much avocado goodness in one place? Select a category for endless experiences. More ways to enhance Your Avo-experience Are always good! Do you know the easiest way to store avocados? How about picking the perfect one at the store? Put your avocado intelligence to the test with our virtual How-To Simulator — and learn some handy tricks for the real world, too. If your avocados are a bit too eager to be eaten, slow their roll with this easy trick. A leftover avocado half

Virtual Salad Builder

Get your AVOCADO IN SHAPE Tip: The way you prepare avocado can turn good salads into great salads. Tip: Mix various colors and textures to create a nutrient-dense combo. Your salad is looking gooood. FINISH IT OFF WITH A PROTEIN You’re making us hungry. Good thing you’re almost done. MMM, LOOKS GOOD. NOW SHARE THE LOVE Your salad has the goods, now you've gotta flaunt it. Share your creation with your friends to show 'em who's the salad boss.